Advantages of forming Hong Kong Company Limited


  • Shareholders of private debt, not involved in property and property held by Limited.
  • Co., Ltd. has a statutory document, ensure that all the shareholders (investors) of interest, so easy to set funds.
  • Sale and purchase of a limited company can avoid the Inland Revenue investigate private sources of funds trading premises.
  • Co., Ltd. was established, China, Taiwan and foreign official to come to Hong Kong Immigration Department for a business visa will be given priority.
  • Limited limited debt, operating business risk, that any shareholder will not be involved in private property and the property.
  • Co., Ltd. has legislation to protect the name, it will not have the exact same name in business dealings will not be fake, fraud, trick to severe losses.
  • A limited business, give with customers, bankers, suppliers, a good impression, that confidence that will help business development.

Tax incentives:

  • Can be fully deductible expenses such as entertainment expenses, fares and travel costs.
  • Director (owner) and the spouse of the salary can be deducted as an expense.
  • Operating a limited company, overseas sources of profit is no need to pay profits tax.
  • Using Limited to transfer property, can save large sums of profits tax, stamp duty and legal fees.
  • Tax rate was 17.5% (net of all operating expenses, net profit), is almost lowest in the world.
  • Persons emigrated, such as the United States and Canada, the use of Company to Hong Kong and overseas to avoid paying double tax.
  • Full deduction of expenses such as buildings and motor vehicle installment of interest, and may be entitled to depreciation allowances on fixed assets.
  • Business persons to invest in China, joint venture agreement signed by Limited, overseas profits can be exempted from profits tax in Hong Kong.